Getting Started

TEN GRAND® is easy to learn and travels well.

It has even been played on Air Force One during the Clinton Administration. There are six dice, each with an Ace of Spades, a King, a Queen, a Jack, the number 50, and the number 100.

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tengrand_gettingstarted-1Options to Playing, Scoring & Trivia About the Game

  1. Determine who goes first by each player throwing all six dice 1 time and the highest score goes first. In case of a tie the tying players throw again.
  2. Play goes clockwise from the first player.
  3. A game will take about 15 minutes per player.
  4. One player should be the designated scorekeeper, keeping tally with pen and paper.
  5. Age range for the game is about 8 years old and older.
  6. Options to scoring:
    A. ‘Getting On The Board’ or To get a first score:
    Make it a requirement that in order to get a first score, a player must Roll the dice at least 3 times and get at least 350 points before they can stop.
    B. Allow for a “Straight” to count as 200 points- BUT it also counts as a ROLLOUT.
    A “Straight” is defined as 1 of each face. For example: You keep a 100 from your first ROLL. Then you ROLL 5 dice and you keep a 50 from the second ROLL. On your third ROLL you get Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Instead of being scored as no points and a BURN, this would be a “Straight,” 1 of each face and all dice would be worth points, qualifying as a ROLLOUT. You can then pick up all 6 dice (risking 200 points) and ROLL again.
  7. TEN GRAND® is a geometric progression of 2, dice game. Geometric progression of 2 refers to the way 4 of a kind are worth twice as much as 3 of a kind are worth and so on.
  8. TEN GRAND® was played by Secret Service agents on Air Force One during the Clinton administration.
  9. The game was first registered as trademark, TEN-TWENTY GRAND in 1975.

Link to our TEN GRAND® instructions web page for more details on playing the game – CLICK HERE