How to Play

The Basics: There are six dice, each with an Ace of Spades, a King, a Queen, a Jack, the number 50, and the number 100. Each player takes TURNS, ROLLing the dice to try and score points. You add together points from each TURN to try and reach 10,000 points but the first player to reach 10,000 does not necessarily win. TURNS consist of ROLLs of the dice, starting with all 6 dice.

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tengrand_howtoplay-redA Player’s Turn:

A player’s TURN begins by ROLLing all 6 dice. After every ROLL a player only has 2 choices:

  1. STOP ROLLing. Add up all the points, write down the score for that turn and pass the dice to the next player or …
  2. ROLL again. Deciding that the points are too low, a player can ROLL the dice again, but the second ROLL will be with only 5 dice (or less than 5 dice).
    In order to ROLL again a player must pull aside at least 1 dice worth points (a 100, or a 50), or any combination of dice worth points and then ROLLs the remaining dice for the player’s next ROLL.
    The 50 and 100 are worth face value by themselves, or in pairs.

The Ace, King, Queen and Jack faces are only worth points when they show up as 3 or more of a kind- on a single ROLL. (See the table for the point values.)

Example: A player ROLLs all 6 dice and keeps a 100 from the first ROLL. On the second ROLL the player gets 3- 100s. The total points are 1100, not 2000; because in order to be worth 2000 points all 4- 100s must have shown up on a single ROLL. The 50 and 100 are also worth more when they show up as 3 or more of a kind on a single ROLL! (See the table for the point values.)

However, and this is the important- a player RISKS LOSING THE POINTS for that TURN by continuing to ROLL the dice. Anytime, (Even on the first ROLL) a player ROLLS the dice and NO POINTS show up, the TURN is over and 0 points are scored for that TURN! Scoring 0 points on a TURN is called a BURN!

The dice pulled aside must be worth points. For example you cannot keep 2 Aces, 2 Kings, 2 Queens or 2 Jacks from the first ROLL hoping to get a third on the next ROLL, because Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks must show up as 3 of a kind before they are worth any points.

At least 1 dice (a 100 or 50) or any combination of dice worth points may be pulled aside, but you do not have to keep all the dice worth points.

Example: You ROLL 6 dice and you have (3-Jacks = 300 points) (1- 100 =100 points) (1- 50 = 50 points) and (1 Queen = 0 points). Your total points are now 450, but you decide to keep just the 100 and ROLL 5 dice for your next ROLL. You have 100 points pulled aside, but you are now ROLLing 5 dice.

Why would a player do this? The more dice you have, the more chances you have to ROLL a ‘bigger’ 3 of a kind than the 3 -Jacks you had.

BURNs: You can BURN on your first ROLL. If you ROLL all 6 dice and no points show up, you BURN and you get 0 points for that TURN

General Rules of TEN GRAND®
Every time you ROLL the dice, you must ROLL a 50, or a 100 or 3 or more of a kind, or you BURN and your TURN is over.
A player can keep ROLLing the dice, as long as the player keeps getting points on every ROLL. A player can ROLL just 1 dice in an effort to ROLLOUT!

ROLLOUT !: Anytime all of the dice are worth points, a player has the option to continue ROLLing. You add up the points, so far. Remembering how many points you have- but not yet scoring them. You can then ROLL again, using all 6 dice! However, you are still RISKING those points! If you ROLL all 6 dice and you BURN, you get 0 for the TURN!
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WHO WINS: The final round BEGINS with the first person to reach or go over 10,000 points. IT IS THAT PLAYER’S FINAL TURN, but all the remaining players get 1 last TURN to try and be THE HIGHEST score. There are no ties. The remaining players must continue ROLLing until they beat the preceding \high score or BURN trying. Example: If there are 3 players and player 1 gets to 10,000 points and stops. Player 2 gets 10,050 points. Player 3 must beat 10,050 points in order to win. Player 1 does not get another TURN.


  1. Determine who goes first by each player throwing all six dice 1 time and the highest score goes first. In case of a tie the tying players throw again.
  2. Play goes clockwise from the first player.
  3. A game will take about 15 minutes per player.
  4. One player should be the designated scorekeeper, keeping tally with pen and paper.
  5. Age range for the game is about 8 years old and older.
  6. Options to scoring:

    A. ‘Getting On The Board’ or To get a first score: Make it a requirement that in order to get a first score, a player must Roll the dice at least 3 times and get at least 350 points before they can stop. B. Allow for a “Straight” to count as 200 points- BUT it also counts as a ROLLOUT. C. A “Straight” is defined as 1 of each face. For example: You keep a 100 from your first ROLL. Then you ROLL 5 dice and you keep a 50 from the second ROLL. On your third ROLL you get Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Instead of being scored as no points and a BURN, this would be a “Straight,” 1 of each face and all dice would be worth points, qualifying as a ROLLOUT. You can then pick up all 6 dice (risking 200 points) and ROLL again.

  7. TEN GRAND® is a geometric progression of 2, dice game. Geometric progression of 2 refers to the way 4 of a kind are worth twice as much as 3 of a kind are worth and so on.
  8. TEN GRAND® was played by Secret Service agents on Air Force One during the Clinton administration.
  9. The game was first registered as trademark, TEN-TWENTY GRAND in 1975.

TEN GRAND® is Produced by the Denver Numbers Company, LLC
All parts are made in China.