General Rules

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General Rules

General Rules of TEN GRAND®

Every time you ROLL the dice, you must ROLL a 50, or a 100 or 3 or more of a kind, or you BURN and your TURN is over.
A player can keep ROLLing the dice, as long as the player keeps getting points on every ROLL. A player can ROLL just 1 dice in an effort to ROLLOUT!

ROLLOUT !: Anytime all of the dice are worth points, a player has the option to continue ROLLing. You add up the points, so far. Remembering how many points you have- but not yet scoring them. You can then ROLL again, using all 6 dice! However, you are still RISKING those points! If you ROLL all 6 dice and you BURN, you get 0 for the TURN!
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